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ANTAKI Establishement was born in Syria in 1925 as a private and family establishment, At The Beginning Of 2010, We Restructured The Establishment For A New Commercial Entity And A New Address Registered Officially In Syria

Initially, our main activity was to import and distribute in the local private market the major foodstuffs such as dairy products, cereals, sugar, tea, coffee and raw materials.

In 1980, the prohibition of importation faced by the private sector in Syria obliged us to direct our activity and to deal with the public sector by participating in their international tenders for the range of products of our main activity especially the rice, the sugar and the wheat and, at the same time, we diversified  above activity while participating indirectly in many of the turnkey projects tenders as exclusive agent of the companies or consortiums that we organized especially for these tenders.

In 1985 and due to difficulties and lack of foreign currencies in Syria, we succeed by personal efforts, to realize in the first time of the history of Syria the following two private Protocols of barter program between the Ministry of Planning in Syria and two European companies:   A Protocol for US$ 60 million between UNCEA (Union Commercial pour l’Europe ET l’Afrique - France) and Syria where UNCEA with its affiliated company in Switzerland named at this period ANASSO and actually GETI TRADE S.A. supplied dairy products against Syrian Rock Phosphate. The relative banking agreement was made between Credit Lyonnais in France and Central Bank of Syria. We succeeded to execute this protocol completely. And a Protocol for an amount of DM 100 million between DANISH TURN KEY DAIRIES (Denmark) and Syria to supply dairies, cows and irrigation systems. Part of this protocol has been executed against different Syrian products such as Crude Oil, Phosphate, Cotton and cotton yarn, cement, etc…  

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